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Blog Article 2023 in Review
Featured articlePublished by Jess Bordin · 3 minute read

2023 is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been

As Convenience Advertising grew this year, we were fortunate to create new roles and welcome new faces, expanding our amazing team doing meaningful work.

We have worked hard to grow our venue network to reach more than 26 million weekly visits, as well as expanding our CaptiVision digital footprint across retail and the further education sector. Additionally, our client mix has expanded with new product and service categories introduced to our unique channel.

To briefly summarise what has been our biggest year yet – we'd like to focus on three results-driven case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of bathroom advertising and its natural ability to garner active attention and drive measurable outcomes.

Midnight Health

Founded by Midnight Health, Youly is an online healthcare portal which empowers women with fast, convenient access to treatments and prescriptions. Midnight Health required a discreet, targeted and measurable way of reaching women experiencing sensitive health issues ranging from acne and sleep to UTIs and the morning after pill.

Female bathrooms in pubs, hotels and clubs were identified as a targeted, high impact environment to raise awareness of the services offered by Youly in a private way.

As a result, Midnight Health received a 400% return on advertising spend.

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  • 400%

    return on advertising spend
  • 70%

    immediate response
  • 30%

    long term response

Continence Foundation

BINS4Blokes is an Australia-wide awareness campaign run by the Continence Foundation (CF), promoting the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilet cubicles, so men can dispose of incontinence products in a private, hygienic and secure environment. CF needed their messages delivered in a respectful and sensitive manner, while simultaneously being inspiring enough to empower, educate and actively engage the audience.

Convenience Advertising developed a nationwide, advocacy-focused campaign, calling for men to scan the QR code and pledge their support for shopping centres to put incontinence product disposal bins in male bathrooms.

As a result, Continence Foundation achieved a 56% conversion rate from engagement to petition signing.

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  • 4,600+

    QR code scans
  • 2,600+

    pledges made
  • 56%

    conversion rate

Australian Government: Organ and Tissue Authority

The Organ and Tissue Authority leads DonateLife, the Australian Government’s national program to improve organ and tissue donation, so more Australians have access to a transplant. DonateLife required a strategy that could reach the general population at scale, while being mindful of the situation an individual may be in when taking in the message.

The bathroom, and even more so the toilet cubicle space, offers a private, uninterrupted, safe environment for individuals to be more receptive and interact with a message. With an average of two minutes spent in a bathroom, there would be enough time for bathroom-goers to not only read the entire DonateLife A4 ad – it would be enough time for someone to spend the one minute it takes to become a registered organ donor.

As a result, DonateLife received 5,000+ new organ donor registrations, potentially saving or changing the lives of 35,000 people in the future.

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  • 30,000+

    QR code scans
  • 5,000+

    organ and tissue donor registrations
  • 16.7%

    engagement to conversion rate
  • 35,000+

    lives potentially saved or changed in the future

In summary

Across Government or commercial, profit or non-profit, Convenience Advertising has been able to provide its clients with tangible, proven results, and we couldn’t be more proud. We’ve celebrated new employees, a more diverse range of clients, and next year, we will be celebrating our 40th anniversary!

We’re raring to go for an even bigger 2024, and excited to see where the year takes us.

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