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3,200+ venues across Australia

Our expansive venue network showcases thousands of diverse locations across metro and regional areas in every state. Our venues include shopping centres, bars, pubs, clubs, universities, TAFEs, airports and parent rooms amongst others.

Total reach

26 million

weekly visits Australia wide

Total venues


pubs, clubs & bars


shopping centres


parent rooms


metro and regional airports


universities & TAFEs


other locations

Shopping centres

Shopping centre advertising offers a fantastic opportunity to target a broad audience of shoppers across varying socio-economic areas, at scale.

Take advantage of the proximity to retailers and potential for impulse purchases using Static or CaptiVision ads.


shoppers monthly


shopping centres Australia-wide


of shoppers visit the bathroom
Venue Network Shopping Centres
Venue Network Bars Pubs Clubs

Bars, pubs & clubs

Advertising in bars, pubs & clubs offers a unique opportunity to capture audience attention at the point of risk and engagement.

Males visit the bathroom an average of 2.62 times every time they're at the pub. Take advantage of the nightlife environment to share your message with the people who need your message most.


patron visits monthly


venues Australia-wide


average times males visit the bathroom

Universities & TAFEs

Hyper-target students around Australia by gender and location with a unique OOH campaign.

Get face to face with Gen Z and Millennials while they're on campus for an average of 15 hours per week.


estimated monthly student bathroom visits


campuses Australia-wide


Target Gen Z and Millenials
Venue Network Universities Tafes
Venue Network Airports


85% of flyers are more likely to make an impulse purchase while they're at the airport.

Gain access to domestic and international business or leisure travellers across Australia, commuting through terminals, or relaxing in lounges.


passenger trips monthly


airports across metro and regional Australia


of terminal visits include a visit to the bathroom

Parent rooms

Offering an unrivalled average of 12 minutes dwell time, parent room advertising allows your messaging to be fully comprehended over an extended period.

Reach parents with kids aged 0-4 using Static or CaptiVision ads.


parent room visits monthly


parent rooms Australia-wide

12 min

average dwell time
Venue Network Parent Rooms
Venue Network Other Locations

Other locations

We also offer an array of niche locations in metro and regional Australia including service stations, truck stops, restaurants, cafes, sporting stadiums, boat ramps, gyms and many more.

To find out more about the types of venues we have to offer, click ‘Get in touch’ to chat to one of our specialists.

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