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We help you send the right message, to the right audience, at the right time.

Despite the countless changes in the media landscape, one thing has remained constant: our need to visit the bathroom. Convenience Advertising measurably delivers your message, to your target audience, in a private space with minimal distractions.

Bathroom advertising - CaptiVision digital ad for DonateLife

Out of home ads, in a private space

With an average of three minutes spent in a cubicle every time you use a public bathroom, complex messages can not only be easily conveyed and understood, they can also be acted upon in a private setting with the scan of a QR code.

What makes us so effective?

  • 3,200+

    venues in our national network
  • 70%+

    minimum unprompted campaign recall rate


  • 2 minutes

    average time spent in a bathroom


  • 26 million

    weekly visits to our venues Australia-wide
  • Measurable

    results via CaptiVision and QR code tracking

  • 40 years

    of bathroom advertising expertise and knowledge

Why bathroom advertising works



Our venues

  • Shopping centres

    Shopping centres advertising offers broad audience targeting across varying socio-economic areas at scale.

  • Bars, pubs & clubs
    Take advantage of the nightlife environment to share your message with the people who need your message most.
  • Parent rooms

    Reach parents with kids aged 0–4 by taking advantage of our unrivalled 12 minute dwell time in parent rooms.

  • Universities & TAFEs

    Get face to face with students while they are on campus for an average of 15 hours per week*

  • Airports
    Target domestic and international business or leisure travellers commuting through terminals.
  • Other locations
    We also offer an array of niche locations including service stations, gyms, entertainment venues and many more.

Our media formats

Amplify your message using our dynamic OOH advertising platforms spanning an Australia-wide network.
  • CaptiVision

    A flexible and targeted digital advertising solution providing real-time data.

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  • Static

    A cost-effective way to reach broad audiences or deliver highly targeted campaigns.
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  • Engagement Tools

    Track engagement and interaction with your advertising using digital and traditional tools.
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