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Case Study Bins4blokes

Male incontinence campaign inspires thousands to pledge their support

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About the Continence Foundation of Australia

The Continence Foundation of Australia (CFA) is a not-for-profit organisation and the national peak body for incontinence prevention, management, education, awareness, information and advocacy.

1.34 million Australian boys and men, or around 10% of the male population, live with incontinence. With nowhere to dispose of incontinence products in male public bathroom cubicles, these men may be more inclined to stay home, increasing the risk of experiencing social isolation.

BINS4Blokes is an Australia-wide awareness campaign promoting the installation of incontinence product disposal bins in male public toilet cubicles, so that men can dispose of incontinence products in a private, hygienic and secure environment.


Incontinence is a sensitive issue, with research finding that 70% of people with urinary leakage do not seek advice or treatment for their problem.

Convenience Advertising needed to develop a strategy that delivered the message in a respectful and sensitive manner, while simultaneously being inspiring enough to empower, educate and actively engage the audience.


Convenience Advertising developed a nationwide, advocacy-focused campaign, calling for men to scan the QR code and pledge their support for shopping centres to put incontinence product disposal bins in male bathrooms. The bathroom, and especially the toilet cubicle space, offered a private, uninterrupted, safe environment for individuals to interact with the message.

The message was clear and focused on advocacy as the primary message. The secondary message revolved around the resources and support available for men experiencing continence-related issues, including the Continence Foundation of Australia’s National Continence Helpline (1800 33 00 66).

  • Venues: Shopping centres
  • Locations: Australia-wide, Victoria


In just six months, the Continence Foundation achieved thousands of pledges, also achieving an incredible 56% conversion rate.

  • 4,600

    QR code scans
  • 2,600

    pledges made
  • 56%

    conversion rate