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About Adidas

Adidas’ purpose is to change lives through the power of sport, and their TechFit Period-Proof activewear range is no exception. TechFit leggings and shorts are Adidas’ solution to keep more menstruators in play through flow-shield technology. The products are just one part of Adidas’ global initiative to demystify taboos surrounding periods in sport, and to better support and uplift their fierce female community.  


1 in 4 girls around the world drop out of sport during their adolescence, with one of the main reasons cited being fear of leakage while on their period.  

Periods and period care are still delicate subjects, therefore increasing awareness of a product within this space needs to be handled in a delicate manner. 


With period products living in the bathroom, bathroom advertising made perfect sense for Adidas to take advantage of the 2 minutes average dwell time to absorb their message, and the minimum 70%+ unprompted message recall rate. To facilitate purchase, ads were placed in specific shopping centres, meaning every female who saw the ad, had the opportunity to purchase the product immediately afterward.  

Female bathrooms were identified as a targeted, high impact environment to raise awareness among females (particularly those aged 12-18) of TechFit products in a private, undistracted space. 

Venue types: Shopping centres
Locations: Victoria, NSW, Queensland and New Zealand
Weekly reach: 4.2M


Adidas utilised clear messaging and information, appealing visuals, and relevant imagery depicting the target market to engage their audience in the bathroom, taking advantage of a time and place where individuals are more likely to consider personal care products. 

Adidas tracked engagement and website visits via QR code scans. 

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